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Our Private Gym Facilities

Located - Banbridge, Co. Down 📍


Welcome to the RCA Fitness Gym

The perfect private facilities based in Banbridge, Co. Down.

Elevate your training experience in the comfort of your very own private gym, where you will be personally trained with the highest quality of equipment, without the need to wait for a machine or listen to a busy, noisy and overcrowded gym

The Squat Rack

One of our main pieces of equipment is of course the squat rack. Allowing you to train all your major compound lifts, including Chest Press, Squats and Deadlifts.


Our Duel Cable Machine

The highest quality cable system available on the market, our cable pulley system is perfect for training those hard to hit muscle groups making for a great body tranfsormation.


The Hack Squat

A rarity in most gyms, but not at RCA Fitness, our dual functionality leg press and hack squat machine is a stand out, state of the art piece of equipment, great for a full body workout to target the quads, glutes and hamstrings.


The Dumbbell Rack

Our high quality steel and urethane rounded dumbbells our perfect for a range of exercises to create muscular hypertrophy and core stabilisation.

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